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News in general

71st Jaymal Jain Rastriya Sivir at JALANA, from 13th may to 25th may 2014

Acharya Pravar Sri Subhchandraji Maharaj Sahab, Sri Sumathimuniji M.S aadi thana 3 at Jodhpur.

Vihar News

Upadhyay Pravar Shri Parshvachandraji M.S,Pravachan Prabhavak Dr.Shri Padamchandraji M.S aadi thana 7 nearby Jalna. .

Tapsivraj Sri Gunvat muni ji M.S. near nagaur (raj)

Free Download of Shanthi Jaap & Chamatkari Jay Jaap .

Jay Waterbooth Pariyojana

Jay waterbooth Maintanence sponsored by sri Prakashchand Sushil Jamad , saidpet, Chennai. for month of May 2014.



Undertook many rigourous fasts. Alternate day fasts for Sixteen years; two-day fasts followed by one day of Fast-breaking for sixteen years at a stretch; three-day fasts follwed by one day of fast-breaking for two years at a stretch; five-day fasts followed by one day of fast-breaking for three years at a stretch; twenty fasts of one-month duration each; ten fasts of two-month duration each;Eight day fast followed by one day of fast breaking for forty days at strech; 90 days of ABHIGRAHA YUKTH TAPASYA(Fasting); a four-month long duration fast; a six-month long duration fast;

Composed the Badi Sadhu Vandana in Vikram Era 1807, and other 250 works in verse.

Bestowed his title of ‘Acharya’ upon his successor two years before his death (Vikram Era 1851-1853) and became engrossed in self-contemplation.

At midnight on the 16th day of his resolve of (Santhara), Uday Muni and Keshav Muni came from the celestial work and prostrated before Shri Jaymalji; they saw the halo of divine light on his face. Simandhar Swami proclaimed to Acharya Raichand and other saints that the Venerable Jaymal would be the conqueror of the cycle of transmigration with just one more lifetime. After spending the timespan of one kalpa at the celestial world, his soul would travel to its next abode, the Mahavideha Kshetre and from there on, to Moksha.(The place of Almighty)